Play: putties

Play: putties

The BSE putties are a staple product. Bodywork artists mould, stroke, rub and work them to create the perfect surface. So go ahead and play! 


Play putty aluminium

aluminium filled putty 

  • Resistant to very high temperatures
  • Stays exible
  • Extremely easy to sand!
  • Start sanding with P120 


Play putty green fiber

polyester putty with fibreglass 

  • Easy to mould
  • Perfect surface!
  • Easy to sand, even after 3 day’s curing
  • Start sanding with P120 

Play putty plastic flex 

polyester putty for plastic & polypropylene 

  • Innovative product!
  • 1 product covers all uses and substrates!
  • Safe to use on plastics (including PP) and metals (including aluminium and galvanised steel)
  • Excellent for bridging and lling
  • Control powder incorporated to help sanding
  • Extremely exible, retains elasticity
  • Perfect, pore-free surface
  • no clogging of the sandpaper! 

Play putty spray 

spray putty  

Play putty universal & soft 

‘multifunctional’ polyester putty 

  • Safe to use on metals (including aluminium and galvanised steel)
  • Perfect adhesion
  • Very easy to mould
  • Dry, non-tacky surface
  • No clogging of the sandpaper
  • Start sanding with P150!!!