Masking: all products

Masking: all products

You have a patch to repair on your surface. And you want to protect the adjacent areas. Our masking products keep out overspray and dust.

We have all the masking paper and tape, foam tape and film you’ll ever need! 



Masking tape 

masking tape 

  • BSE Masking tape 80o x 19mm x 50m
  • BSE Masking tape 80o x 38mm x 50m
  • BSE Masking tape 80o x 50mm x 50m 

Masking foam tape 

ruban mousse 

  • BSE masking foam tape 13mm x 55m
  • BSE masking foam tape 17mm x 45m 

Masking film 

masking film 

  • BODY SHOP ESSENTIALS masking Film 4m x 300m
  • BODY SHOP ESSENTIALS masking Film 5m x 1m
  • BODY SHOP ESSENTIALS masking Film 6m x 1m20