Cup on gun & mixing cups

Cup on gun & mixing cups

Mixing cups 

BSE mixing cups & love 

  • BSE MIXING CUPS & LOVE 0,385 200
  • BSE MIXING CUPS & LOVE 0,75 200
  • BSE MIXING CUPS & LOVE 1,4 200
  • BSE MIXING CUPS & LOVE 2,3 100 

BSE PP system 



The BSE PP system offers a new set of cups for mixing, refilling and storing paints.

It uses a disposable cup which meets the requirements of spray paint professionals and body shops. There are 4 components to the BSE PP system: cup - lid - sieve - adapter 


  • Fast and simple paint preparation
  • Usual method for perfect spray paint results
  • Easy colour changes
  • Solvent savings (up to 86%!)
  • Simply discard after use
  • Signi cant increase in productivity (up to 46%)
  • Wide range of BSE adaptors covers a variety of spray gun brands
  • Easy re ll and storage of leftover paint 


CUP-ON-GUN paint processing 40x 750ml-125mu

CUP-ON-GUN paint processing 40x 750ml-200mu

adapter 4 all guns


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